This year the camp will be for ages 13-29 & for those who want to see God moving in their lives in a greater way. Power of God is gonna show up on the camp and for sure no one will leave the same way they came. If you thought that last years camp was great then this year will be off the chains! There will also be fun activities in a nice environment.

Youth Pastor David Leszczak (USA) from River Amsterdam will be with us on the camp and there will also be paintball, banquet and lots of laughter! 1st class camp coming up! You won’t want to miss this camp. See you there!

Youth pastor Nico Reis

To the parents: After signing up to the camp a bill will be sent to you within 7 days. At the end of the camp we will baptize everyone who wants to get baptized.

Price: 110e until the end of May. 130e from the beginning of June. Siblings discount 25e.